Greetings Mu Lovers,


 "Mining System" is another addition to the active part of the community, which will allow us to get some extra stones for ... a little bit of activity, and more specifically for exploring subsequent maps.


On every map, apart from Icarus, Kalima and Event maps, from time to time, can appear  so-called the "Goblin Miner". It is the Goblin traitor escaped from Goblin Mine, which will appear in random parts of the map. On larger maps, i.e. Dungeon (1-3), LostTower (1-7), Tarkan, Aida, Karutan, Vulcanus, we can find up to 4 of those goblins.


Goblin Miner, will give us a chance to extract max. 3 packages of deposits. What are these packages? The packages are made of Jewels, uncut with stone, which will be separated in the "Chaos Machine", that is at Goblins in Noria. Finally, you will find 5 types of such packages, namely Bless Ore, Soul Ore, Chaos Ore, Creation Ore and Life Ore.


Finally, Goblin Miner gives us the chance to extract 3 packs of deposits, 55% chance for each of them, also there may be cases that nothing will fall out of the stone - in the case of our bad luck, and that they will send 3 packages of stone.


Below is other info about this function


Bless Ore, Soul Ore and Chaos Ore are basic deposits, the chances that such a package will be 60%

Creation Ore and Life Ore are rare deposits, a chance that such a package will reach 40%




Yours sincerely,
LoC Team.

Added on : 14 / Mar / 2018 , 06:50 AM


Hello everyone,


as you can see, we're still working on the website, forums and for sure - with our game server.


Some time ago we've got an new update but unfortunately, update introduced a lot of other problems that could destroy the game. Of course, everything is fine for this moment and we're still looking for hidden bugs to give you most stable, long-life and enjoyable PVP (yes, full PVP) MUOnline adventure.


Here are some details about what has been changed in the last update if we're talking about fixes:


  • Fixed problems with custom NPC's - they shouldn't make disconnects anymore
  • Fixed problems with Third Wings Mix - when mix is failed, items are disapeared
  • Fixed Offline Mode - some SkillTree skills don't work correctly, everything fine now
  • Fixed Party Search occasional disconnect and crash GS - fully fixed
  • Fixed new Bows and CrossBows support - now we can add some good stuff
  • Fixed MGBonusDefense - bad formula latest time, now MG is fully configurable and stable
  • Fixed Moss Marechant location - now with configuration file - sometimes he was un-clickable, now it's ok


Some small but important fixes in server files was made, to improve stability


 Here you can find some new things about latest update and our server status:


  • Added full support for Rage Fighter Gauntlets - now we can add some AA Gauntlets, what do you think?
  • Added Monster Spawn Custom - new events, spawning monsters from books etc. alot of fun
  • Added Buff Icon System - now every buffs are supported and will be showing on the top-left in-game!
  • Added Crafting everywhere - run Chaos Machine from everywhere (new User Control Panel function)
  • New recoded User Control Panel - faster, better and more flexible
  • New Offline Mode Restore System - reconnect automatically when account is disconnected with no reason
  • New Quest System - you can get additional Points (into stats) for doing Quests - more info. soon


Some disabled things:


  • Reset System - no need anymore
  • Grand Reset System - same here, we're doing other stuff
  • Chaos Reset Token - yeah... love you all but nope, not for now
  • Wait for more informations soon, we've got alot of work to totally re-configure the server type into PVP.


New changelog about that what changes we made in-game will be available soon. Follow us on forums, join, test and more. We want to make everyone happy so every discussion here will be great.



With Love,


Added on : 19 / Feb / 2018 , 11:23 PM


Hello Mutizens,


Brand new Land Of Chaos launcher is available in "Download" category.


What's new in this launcher?


New, unique LOC design, it's simply and clean

RSS Feed (Most important topics) from our forums

Better stability - no more stuck when downloading

Force File Check - you can use this option when something goes wrong if you're modyfing game-client at own or anti-virus will delete some important .dll files. Launcher will check files and after that download missing or broken one

More resolutions - for now there's much more resolution options so you can choose your best

Quick links - for facebook, server homepage and community forums

Server time - now on launcher in top right corner


Hope everyone like it.




Added on : 09 / Feb / 2018 , 01:23 PM
    New website


Hello Mutizens!


As most of you probably noticed, our homepage has changed, not just the look but also what is inside and most important, the security. The site meets the most important requirements and trends of today's time, in a few words: it is clear, simple, in part works on ajax, so it quickly reloads.


After logging, we have the balance of our account on the left, and more specifically the currencies available here like: WcoinsP, HuntPoints and Zen. GoblinPoints are not included here because they can not be exchanged, converted, and so on.


There is also a panel of our account which allows us to easily change our data such as avatar, password, email, search players or guilds, invite other players (eg. friends, for what we will be rewarded), we will exchange WcoinsP on HuntCoins and many more.


The "Ticket System" is also available. We can send a ticket with question to administrator, report general problem, report the player and report technical issues related to the site, forum or the game itself.


Advanced ranking is sealing everything. In the ranking we will find the best players for each category, from progression, guild, killer, top level, Gens, Duel, online, Blood Castle, Devil Square, CC and most votes.


We will also can find here banned players and players currently playing on the server.


Thanks to the expanded system, the weekly payroll system for activity and scoring has been launched, including Weekly Blood Castle, Weekly Devil Squre, Weekly Chaos Castle, and Weekly Online.


We hope you like our new site and that you will be able to use it.


Best Regards,


Added on : 27 / Nov / 2017 , 12:55 AM


Hello Mutizens,


After a long technical break, strictly related to the developer's work, we would like to inform you about the resumption of works which at a given moment are more related to the cosmetics of our MU mechanics than the general configuration which is done.


Most of the changes we have made are available on our rewards and configurations info page at: you will find not only descriptions of normal events, but also those introduced and implemented by our team.


LOC-Team remains unchanged, you will continue to wander with @Apostle, wake up @Evilek and get to know the latest team member - @Mephis. Unofficially, during the last game, @CreatoN left our team which will be ranged as"Merit member".


By closing this short back-up info, I will add that the server is online non-stop, everyone can register, enter and play. You can also take a look at the new events and the ones we missed recently - Chaos Castle, Double Goer, Imperial Fortress and Illusion Temple.


Wait for more informations about project changes and progress.
See you soon!


Best Regards,


Added on : 31 / Oct / 2017 , 01:08 PM

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